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Who Will Buy?

1st December 2016

It’s much easier to start up a business in a sector you know. I have written bids for over 15 years, but I still researched what and who else was out there. I asked my […]

Do you know what you are good at? Can you make a list? Do you know what you enjoy? These are just some of the questions my fabulous coach asked me at the beginning of […]

Not everyone wants to do their accounts themselves. But some do – I fall into the former. Mainly because my various hats can make this complicated and I know I need the help. Choosing a […]

A Many Hatted Things

1st December 2016

The business is growing; word of mouth and having fantastic business contacts really helps. My portfolio career is also widening my reach. I am used to wearing many hats from being in the voluntary sector […]

Shoe Habit

1st December 2016

The business is 2 years old now, and began as a sole trader… it was the easiest and quickest way at the time…I had been asked to write a bid and the deadline was looming. […]

Scared of Starting up?

1st December 2016

People arrive at the self employed decisions for many reasons – for some it’s been a yearning for a while, for others redundancy have changed their outlook, or simply its fits a more flexible lifestyle. For whatever […]

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