A Many Hatted Things

The business is growing; word of mouth and having fantastic business contacts really helps. My portfolio career is also widening my reach. I am used to wearing many hats from being in the voluntary sector so this is no different.

Why did I change one of my hats? I moved to a Limited Company in April 2015 taking advice from my accountant. I am a great believer in finding quality people who can support you – they are experts, seek them out and consider the advice they’re giving you.

In deciding what to call the business, again I sought out my business coach – talking about the aims and objectives of the business, my personal goals, drew out key content not only for the name, but also in terms of the business plan itself. Key questions included – what do you need financially, have you written your SWOT, why would people use you, are you ready for the challenge, what contacts do you have that can support you, what do you enjoy most? There were a lot of questions!

And the result – one of the hats has changed – colour, name, structure – it’s a Chameleon and its exciting..

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