Ready for big school

Well, 2019 is fully open for business, it’s all go at Chameleon HQ already, and do you know next month the business will be four.  It started me thinking maybe I am ready for big school and the next stage in business.  Which took me onto business plans, whether everyone has one that they refresh every 12 months, or prefer to “go with the flow”? If you are an owner -managed business, or a micro business, or starting up in business, are they really necessary?

So I googled it! It seems the jury is out….investors still want a plan, and many business coaches advocate their creation.  Some believe they are a waste of time, almost immediately obsolete, and that as our economic landscape is shifting and changing, so is business. They insist what we need is something far more visionary and strategic, calling for flexibility, resilience and a robust understanding of your customer/service/product instead.

I still have one, it’s pretty succinct.  It does not control me (or how I view my company), but it does provide a base from which to focus on the business, rather than in it. I also keep my “why” uppermost in my head.  Why did I start the business, why do I want to do this type of work – and who am I doing it for….crucial questions (and their answers), especially when life gets very busy.

My plan helps me to say “well done” when I have achieved targets and allows me to explore the reasons why, when things don’t necessarily go to plan.  Working solo can be rather isolating and if we are not careful, there can be a strong tendency to disappear down the rabbit hole of doom.  A quick review of your plans, checking and adapting your methodology, is a sure-fire way to tip the balance back in your favour, and get back on track.

If you want a plan, then write it, use lists, draw pictures…however and whatever works for you.   There is no ‘one size fits all’.  And if you don’t want a plan, but prefer a flexible visionary strategy instead, then do that.  But a vision expressed is a vision more likely to succeed.  When we state our goals orally or in written form, they become real and we are more likely to galvanise the efforts required to achieve them.

Don’t you think?

Oh, and by the way, this is a great topic to discuss with students at the University of Derby’s networking evening on Wednesday 13 March 2019 at 5.30pm in the Atrium at Kedleston Road….surely you are booked on already? Click this link if you’re not…….

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