Courage (noun) the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.

I have been thinking a lot about Courage.  And who comes to mind, but the Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

He was my favourite character and I loved that he found a way to demonstrate his bravery with the rest of the gang.  I think I’ve discovered so many layers to that film, and when I saw Wicked in London’s West End, many things became clear.  But I digress…..

Life takes courage these days.  But let me put this into perspective; I don’t mean the huge, life threatening and game changing challenges that confront some people.  I am very blessed with good health as are all my lovely family and friends (for which I am very thankful).

I mean those countless day-to-day, seemingly minor and mundane hurdles that we all navigate, successfully or otherwise, seven days a week. Those challenging conversations that we would just rather not have, even though we know they need to be had. Those plans we make, but put off, as they require that little extra bit of bravery or resolve.

Last night I witnessed people demonstrating courage.  I was the University of Derby’s Network of Entrepreneurs meeting and met students talking about their business plans and market research in front of a room of business people, and doing so with courage.  I was so impressed.  Three students formally presented to the wider room, handled complex questions from the floor, and demonstrated a level of confidence that was impressive.

The evening also led to conversations about what is means to be an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial.  This is a subject that can divide opinions, and as I chatted with a business friend, we believe it means being a business person with that extra quality – often described as enthusiasm, passion, conviction.  Whatever you call it, successful entrepreneurs are solution driven and have buckets of courage to manage risks and bumps along the road.  They turn any negative hurdle into positive leaps – recognising/anticipating barriers and finding solutions to overcome them.

So, for all of you out there who are experiencing some hurdles and bumps along the track, here’s what’s in my kit bag:-

  1. Acknowledge what’s happening, and take a break – give yourself permission to go for a walk, or have a cup of tea and a bun, or play a bit of sport…
  2. Now, look at the issue again – as critically and as objectively as you can. Are there other solutions/opportunities that now come to light?
  3. Calculate your risks (as they are to you); make your call and stick to it
  4. Keep true – consider how important the action/s are to you. If you have promised something, stick to your word.
  5. Learn…congratulate yourself on your bravery and then move to the next hurdle, putting into practice those skills you’ve gained…
  6. And finally, be different. It’s ok, we don’t all need to follow the same path or approach the hurdles in the same way…start your own style!


Until then, put ’em up…cos we’ve got Courage. With a capital C


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