Thank you (see, it’s easy)

I’ve had some great customer service recently. And I mean really good – go out of their way helpful, nothing too much bother and (most importantly) authentic. And its happened more than once. Shocker.

Isn’t it a shame we don’t remember these occasions as much as when we get bad service? Then we are all shouty and cross and indignant. And we tell EVERYONE.

So I have decided that I will tell people about my great experiences. Because they do happen. And I have filled in that form that comes with the receipt (which normally goes in the bin) to let the company know that their member of staff was ace. I hope that person does get some recognition for it, because they should, and I hope their company is proud. They made a memorable first impression on me, and one I intend to remember, recommend and return to (one can never have too many shoes, right?!).

Which leads me to my second point. I helped to organise a network event for 1st year University business students last night. This is no small feat. I provided lectures and materials to help guide them, colleagues helped massively with the logistics and inviting people, but ultimately the students networked independently. And one of the things we talked about in lectures was a memorable positive first impression. So that people can remember, recommend and return.

They were nervous. Which was understandable as they had not experienced this before. But the professional people who came were so friendly and supportive, they needn’t have been so worried. I saw students demonstrating great rapport (similar to my customer service experience) and I know they will build on that night to keep meeting people, and learning about business. It was a wonderful evening. One I shall remember and refer to for many years, no doubt. I was immensely proud of their willingness to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, trusting in the staff at the University that it would be ok. And it was more than ok. They networked like professionals.

I truly believe these softer interpersonal skills are vital for the future. You never know who you will meet, when you will meet them again and who they know. I look forward to seeing these students graduate and develop their professional careers if only through the power of LinkedIn. To be a small part of their journey has been a privilege.┬áHere’s to having and talking about great experiences, being thankful and to the time we shall meet again. Cheers ????

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