Make sure you don’t lose the thread…

It’s Ask the Chameleon’s 2nd year anniversary today…and I know this mainly because social media let me know! It’s been so busy, I’ve lost track of time, so I am grateful for the reminder.

It’s caused me to ponder on those 2 years so far, and the 2 prior years as a sole trader and think on lessons learnt so far. Some people write letters to themselves, I like a list!

  • Say yes, as much as you can – who knows where this will lead. It’s exciting and it’s ok not to have a definitive plan..for now.
  • Get yourself a coach early on – business can be lonely, and you need someone to talk to and keep yourself on track
  • Get out there and network…as much as you can…and actively speak to people..don’t just stand with your friends, you can see them anytime! Be confident, go and speak to at least 2 new people each time.
  • Read widely…take time to read about business processes, other self-employed people, go to lectures and seminars. Be thirsty for knowledge and decide what you will do with that information.
  • Take risks..when they don’t work out, learn. I don’t mean throw yourself out of a plane, or leap into business with someone you barely know..but stretch your comfort zone. It’s good to feel that stretch, it means you are learning something new.
  • Be positive and be kind – you never know what is going on behind people’s professional faces, mental health problems are all too hidden, and it’s important to remember people are human, and are frail at times.
  • Finally, find your own vision board (in reality or in your mind) – keep in mind why you are doing this and what you want it to achieve. Family and friends are forever, that’s who this is for.
  • Above all, take time to look above the parapet, smile, breathe and go to it!


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