To Exhibit?

I’ve got my first exhibition coming up.  But before I signed up, I asked myself:-

- Is this the right exhibition for you?
- Will your target market attend?
- Do you have time to prepare?

I nearly exhibited last year, but it was too rushed and I knew it wouldn’t be a quality pitch, and I withdrew.  It wasn’t an easy decision, but the right one.  I still went along as a member of the public and got some great contacts.
But this time I am ready. I made lists. I have ensured I have

- A striking banner stand as a backdrop to the stand itself,
- Business cards and leaflets explaining Ask the Chameleon but importantly what we offer,
- Cakes made by another business friend which have my logo and contact details on,
- A way of keeping records of who visits my stand - everyone will be asked for a question! and
- Practiced what to say.  

Exhibiting is often a good way to launch a business so choose wisely – what sort of exhibition is it? Who is already booked in? Is my sales message clear? Exhibitions require a lot of effort and time, but be clear about your objectives and prepare your list!

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