To Blog or not to Blog?

When starting a new business a lot of people said “Oh you should blog, it’s really important….”


Well, I took to the web to research… many business support sites do advocate blogging as a way of connecting with your customers, and maintaining and increasing SEO. SEO is search engine optimisation, and whilst I’m no expert on that, this means making it easier for search engines to find you when someone wants to find support etc. By regularly updating content and using recognised key words, you can keep your website high in the search rankings.
So yes to blogging, especially if your business is new, like mine…it raises profile….so draw up a list of common questions or advice points you can give, ask you customers what they would find useful, set yourself an achievable schedule, and keep to it. Search other sites for help – I particularly like the Guardian Small Business Network (

So here is my monthly blog….no more than 200 words… business tips and views, answering other questions (send them in please!)..…and I want to meet lots more business people, because after all, it’s who you know…and who you might meet, even in cyber space….

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