Office spring clean – Out with the old and in with the new!

There’s something about a New Year that means an early spring clean. At least at the Ask the Chameleon office it does.

Writing for other people means a lot of paper sometimes, and I like to keep records of my work. A tidy desk is often a thing of the past whilst the bid writing is going on, especially if I am writing for more than one company (imagine paper everywhere, even on the floor!). But I know where everything is…for a while.

So I took the opportunity of a free weekend to clean the Chameleon workspace…mammoth task, but very satisfying. I include a Tech clean as well as the paper in this – I like an ordered filing system on my PC as well as on the shelf.

My tips? Name everything – use numbers to allocate to your drafts and then “final” to denote the version that the client has approved. File away your emails into folders on your inbox every month to keep on top of everything. And I am working very hard at admin discipline to keep on top of it all.
It’s all so shiny and ordered…my brain feels all clean…now, where did I put that list?

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