New Year’s Resolutions? Give me a list any day!

Oh I love a list. I prefer a handwritten list in a book. That I can tick off. With a red pen. So satisfying. But why? Well it helps me to focus, be specific and use my time efficiently.

So, my list for 2016 includes:-

  1. Finalise my business plan
  2. More blogging – twice a month in 2016.
  3. Read widely – business theory and practice.
  4. And most important of all, to write even more winning bids/tenders for my clients.

I want to write for more clients so that they can win business and deliver their projects. So I’m going to do more networking, marketing and meeting new people. My list of actions are SMART (I am always saying this to my clients, and students, so must practice it myself!), I know what “more” means to me.

Finally, I also learnt a great tip at a networking event last year, where a business coach suggested writing your next days to do list before you finish for the day. That way your subconscious brain will be processing them before the next day. I’ve been using this, and have to say it’s really improved my list writing. And my actions!

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