Business Planning

It is complete! My 2016 Business Plan for Ask the Chameleon. I am overjoyed because this has taken some time.

Why, when it’s so important? Well on reflection, I was so busy writing for others, that it became a busman’s holiday, without it ever intending to be. I promised myself that over Christmas 2015 it would be done – I respond well to a time target and was determined (see link to motivation blog!).

I also needed a structure that worked for me – as a small business it needed to be simple, clear and not onerous. I also sent my drafts to some respected and trusted advisors, and their feedback was so useful. So it is ready. It lives! And it will receive a 6 month and 12 month review to keep it alive.

So my tip? It’s your plan. Write it in your way – draw it on a big piece of paper if you prefer. Or use headings as I did. Read some examples. But make a start. And a deadline for completion. And tell someone so that they ask you for it on the deadline. Worked for me!

I’m excited. And challenged by ambitious targets. But mainly excited.

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