Chicken Life Lessons

I give full and absolute credit to Howard Ebison for sharing his inspiration from chickens… I have used this with my students (I lecture at University) and next week they are networking with professionals for the first time. Never have these lessons from the chickens been more timely and relevant.. So, I share them here..and I will need more than my usual 200 words to explain…

  1. Slow and steady is the strategy – be relentless, reliable and deliver what you said you would… and speed isn’t always the main thing, slow it down and concentrate..
  2. Loyalty counts – chickens are very loyal, and will follow you closely.. no doubt to keep them safe or a titbit, but they know you need them and they need you
  3. All about the teamwork – chickens know that by working together, they ALL get more
  4. Shake off the punches – resilience is essential in your career and life…most people run and hide, but chickens just shake it off and continue
  5. Scratch beneath the surface to find the opportunities – nobody gets anywhere waiting for life to land in their it, baby
  6. Just because their wings don’t work, doesn’t make them any less of a bird – so, they can’t fly, but they move fast AND most of all lay amazing eggs – focus on what you can do and what you’re great at, and do lots of that….

I hope this reaches out to each and every one of you in lots of different ways…I’m looking forward to hearing about them!

Read all about the chicken lessons in full here

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