#BlueMonday? Be more dog

My first blog of 2017 is somewhat delayed – a crazy influx of work has prohibited writing for anything other than bids and tenders. Which is great, right?

Well of course but it also means I must be more focused on the time-out side, which occurred to me even more today, allegedly Blue Monday. I wondered whether this focus is even more necessary for self-employed people?

But I do have a team. My other half, family and amazing friends. But I’d like to introduce someone who is key to keeping me sane, particularly during the 9 to 5 (or 7 – 7!).

This is Cooper. Chief Time-Out Guru and business coach. He’s smart, a great listener and finds joy regularly on even the most dreary of walks. In fact the walks are never dreary – he is ALWAYS happy.

My regular walks with him are the best coaching sessions ever. My mind clears, plans are made and most importantly I try to be in the moment. Appreciating the lovely area I live in, and laughing at his insistence with the ball and relentless want to play. How high he can jump, his refusal to share his toy with anyone he doesn’t know and that his tail swirls like a helicopter blade when he is at his happiest.

There are times when I think “we haven’t got time to go out” or I don’t want to, but I guarantee you within 2 minutes of walking down my road I can feel the pressure start to subside. Surveys show that owning a dog can reduce lower blood pressure, the likelihood of depression, help you cope with anxiety and generally reduces GP visits as well as increase dopamine levels (enabling you to relax). My friend tells me since Dave, her dog, has been coming to her work, the office is calmer and a much better place.

Everyone needs a best furry friend. With my often crazy portfolio career, Cooper is vital to my wellbeing. We’ve been out already this morning in the rain, and already I have made my plans for today and changed this blog post a little.

So. Find your Time Out Guru. They are essential, whether you are self-employed or not.

Cooper, Time-Out Guru

Be more dog. ????

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