A bid what?

“What is it you do?” “What’s a bid writer?” Just two of the common questions I am asked when introducing myself, it’s so easy to think that it’s self-explanatory.

I often explain it as “writing applications for money” or to “win a project” but even that can be misconstrued! I also use:-

  • I help companies win tenders for new projects by writing the application form;
  • I write funding applications for charities to organisations like Big Lottery, Children in Need, and charitable trusts;
  • I write documents for private firms to access local government funds to help their business grow.

It is important to know how to describe yourself to suit the language of the company you are with…but I always advocate keeping it simple and easy to understand. And brief. Use the elevator pitch principle (in other words what would you say to me in a lift if I had just met you). Keep to the point – people will ask if they don’t understand. Talk at a normal pace (I have seen so many people talk so quickly about what they do that I’ve completely missed what they’ve said!) and be jargon free.

As I said…I write applications for money….

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It's pretty simple, an individual, business or charity from across the UK is looking for something. In return they will provide a swap offering services or goods in return.
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