Go ahead – jump!

July 2017 marks a milestone for me as I am stepping down as a part time lecturer at the University of Derby so that I can concentrate on Ask the Chameleon.

This was always the plan, but even so, it has not been an easy decision.  But then I figure that this is what being self-employed, and life in general, is all about – making tough decisions.  We make these decisions on the information we have at the time and, depending on who we are, that information is either considerable or minimal.  I use a business coach, and other business pals, to bounce ideas off and keep me true to my path, and she reminded me recently on my reasons for becoming self-employed.

I set up Ask the Chameleon so that I could work flexibly and with companies and charities to help them access funds and contracts/tenders so that they can grow – be that taking on more staff, delivering more products and services, or general development.

I became a Lecturer to add to my skills, and because I am genuinely interested in supporting people to realise what they want and to go out there and get it.  Lecturing has become a huge part of my life over the past 2 years, as I took on more responsibility, for which I am very grateful.  Now is the time to focus on the business, and let it fly.

From August I will only lecture occasionally and so I have bid my students a very fond farewell.  I am looking forward to seeing those who graduate this month, and I have even been nominated for a Student Union award (which I find out about in approximately 30 minutes)!  The University of Derby has amazing students who have certainly made an impression on my life, and I know they will go on to do great things.  As I don my cap and gown to be a small part of the celebration, I look forward to seeing them walk proudly across the stage to graduation, fondly remembering my own.

BUT! It is important to stick to your plans.  This is why we make them and most importantly make them known to others.  It doesn’t mean they have to be set in stone…they are yours.  But without them we can lose sight of our path, get distracted by the offers at the side of the road, and end up, without realising it, in a cul-de-sac.  A coach can help support you to stay on track: mine has been invaluable as time passes really quickly and we are creatures of habit. Once we become familiar with something we can be loath to change.

And I am the Chameleon, right? Changing colours to suit the next opportunity.  So on with new colours and let’s do this…<leap>


Update: 4 July 2017 – I won! Oh my days, so happy and touched…I am officially an Amazing Personal Tutor of 2017 as voted by the University of Derby’s Student Union- makes it all the more precious as it’s voted by the students themselves…and I got a trophy!! Thank you.

Small Business Saturday
Enterprising Women Awards - winner
Derbyshire live business winner
FSB-WMids-Micro business of the year winner
The British Business Awards - small business awards Winner
Woman who achieves award winner
Burton Mail Business Awards
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Prompt Payment Code
F Entrepreneur
Federation of Small Businesses
East Midlands Chamber Member
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