Enter the juggler

So, midpoint through my first month totally self-employed and already I am juggling multiple balls and spinning dozens of plates like a veteran circus performer …is this how it will be?

Research indicates that self-employment provides greater job satisfaction, independence, flexibility of location and higher salaries…but also has longer hours, increased responsibility, and lack of predictable finance and employee benefits.

I can certainly say I am experiencing all of these…and relishing it.

On this GCSE results day, and following on from A’levels last week and the University clearing hotlines, it’s made me think about why people choose the careers they do, and why some decide to move to become self-employed.

I guess it depends on what’s important to you, and why you do what you do.  A goal is important; it’s not perhaps the ultimate thing in life, but recently I have observed the need to make the most of opportunities, stop doing things I don’t like or enjoy and always stop to smell (and drink) the coffee!

My juggling act has always been an enduring feature of my life; it’s my “thing”.  I am also busy.  Apparently this is a dirty word in some circles, implying that you are not a great time manager, are unable to cope effectively with your workload and thus unreliable.  I certainly don’t see things this way – I am glad when people tell me they are busy – unless they look drawn and tired, and then of course it’s a concern.  But who are we to interpret someone’s busy life as unreliable? I feel we make too many assumptions and can be quick to judge.

We do not know what hides beneath someone’s seemingly happy exterior.  We do not know the trials many face on a daily basis.  We do not know how much effort it has taken that morning to put on a happy face and aim to get through the day.  Working regularly in the charitable sector in Derby, I am fortunate to meet people and groups who make such a difference to folk who are struggling with hidden demons, day in day out, and this has taught me to beware of my assumptive side.

We should be kind, be accepting of the busy and the jugglers, and regularly look up, notice what’s around you and be in the present. Life moves at such a pace.  Take the time to just be, or be with friends and family and loved ones.  The work can wait. For a little while….

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