If I’m honest…

I’ve not blogged for a while…it’s been on my seemingly endless to-do list for ages….I’ll be honest, I’ve been snowed under…..

I’ve been prompted to write this week because of a recent podcast organised by Owen Conti at Code 56, the second in a wonderful series (I hope), talking about all things business with different business people in and around Derby…

This one was about the word “entrepreneur” and what it means (great debate with Amanda Strong from Mercia Image Print and Sarah Loates from LoatesHR and LoatesTraining – listen here)..but in amongst this discussion, was a comment about being honest.

And it struck a chord.

Sarah welcomed it, and encouraged business people to be more honest – acknowledging that business is challenging, there are peaks and troughs – both equally difficult to navigate.  And being a business owner can be very lonely (don’t worry, this is not a counselling session!).

So how can we be more honest….who can we open up to?

I believe we need to recognise it’s ok to say business life is tough – this does not mean your business is not successful, and it certainly doesn’t mean you are not successful. This is how we learn, isn’t it – from the mistakes, from the tough times? And replicating the successes….

I have always advocated the support of a business coach and membership of business networks.  Yes, being a business owner can be lonely – but there are lots of us out there, and you would be surprised how common that late payment/lack of orders/IT technical problem/lack of sleep truly is.

By talking to each other, we can understand that this will pass, there are actions you can take, and lessons we can learn from other people’s mistakes (as well as our own).  The feeling of discomfort indicates you are growing and developing, but take care that it remains manageable.  Talking to others can help you to work this out, explore options and make plans.  Coaches and business friends at networks can also help you to stay on track – further accountability if you will.

We are human beings – we need interaction.  No business owner is an island after all…..


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