Top Three Tips to successful bid writing – Part 3

I am often asked what are my top tips for bid writing. Or sometimes what makes me different to other bid writers – external consultants and also people within organisations whose responsibility it is to write new proposals.

Tip 1 was “Do you really want it?” and Tip 2 “Can you do it?” (see previous blogs) and finally:-

  1. Can you prove it?
    a. What examples of past/current success in this line of work do you have? What referees can you provide? Do you have the required level of insurance, turnover??
    Do you have quotes from clients that you have their permission to use? Do you have video evidence? Do you have details of your social media presence? Can you demonstrate your success – ie outcomes, outputs – from a variety of different and relevant projects?

If the answers to all of these is yes, well let’s get started! Be prepared though, I have many more questions to go!

I do work with clients to build a bank of documents that can be used to speed up the bidding process. If you are interested, please get in touch for a no obligation coffee!

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