Top Three Tips to successful bid writing – Part 1

I am often asked what my top tips for bid writing are. Or sometimes what makes me different to other bid writers – external consultants and also people within organisations whose responsibility it is to write new proposals.

I think we all have varying versions on a theme – there are only so many ways to write the information you are being asked for after all, but here are my top three.

1. Do you want it?

No, really? Do you? I ask this question all the time.  Does this opportunity fit with your plans? Does it match your values/vision etc? This is particularly important for voluntary/charitable sector, but useful nevertheless.  If there is the slightest hesitation, warning sign.  Bids are intensive things…requiring resilience etc and so you must want it.  What will this mean to your company and its future?

Look out for Tip 2 in my next blog in two weeks’ time. If you can’t wait that long, I do work with clients to build a bank of documents that can be used to speed up the bidding process. If you are interested, please get in touch for a no obligation coffee!

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