The charge of the business brigade

Oh the agony of the fees… need vs charge? The perception that you could be, I can hardly type the word… “cheap”…or that your quality is less than high….

This is often one of the toughest challenges for businesses. And particularly when starting out.

Do you know how much the going rate is? Will people tell you?

Well, yes, some people will, and you may be able to find some information on websites. It’s all about the research and testing.

If you are applying for tenders/contracts, rates are often indicated, which is a useful benchmark.
Again, asking your contacts can be a great place to start, and another of the many reasons for networking.

So devise your own…go with a rate you are comfortable with and gauge the response.  Consider offering retainer rates which are more competitive for multiple purchases or a longer hire. Think about a rate for charities, or even some pro bono work or volunteering as a trustee.

Work it out – what are your bills each month…how much of a budget can you live on…what is the industry average. Keep it simple, so you can remember it and off you go. Charge!

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It's pretty simple, an individual, business or charity from across the UK is looking for something. In return they will provide a swap offering services or goods in return.
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