I need some help. In the IT/Admin department. This has never happened before. It’s a new experience. So I turn to one of my coaches for some help and she recommends a VA – a virtual assistant.

And it’s miraculous. I was pretty ordered before, but now. Wow. I am impressed. I did have high expectations I do have to admit. I have been very self-sufficient in all my different roles for a long time now. But I recognised that I did need to “outsource” as I just did not have the technical expertise. I told myself it would make my professional life easier. And it did.

My tip? Know exactly what you are after (outcome) and specify what tasks you want completing. I made a list (naturally!) and then discussed this with the VA. Unlike the title ‘virtual’ suggests, we did meet face to face, and that helped me to know exactly what could and could not be done, and enabled us both to build rapport and confidence in each other. It’s a very flexible arrangement, which suits my business needs. I am now freer to work with more businesses on their bids and tenders – it’s a win win!

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It's pretty simple, an individual, business or charity from across the UK is looking for something. In return they will provide a swap offering services or goods in return.
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