Outline planning

You know how I like a list? I think I have mentioned once or twice! Well I also like a good plan, which to me is more than your typical list…

When I am approaching writing a new funding bid or tender, I read through all the associated paperwork, so that I have a good grasp of deadlines and requirements. From this I begin to formulate my outline plan of what is needed. I used to use mindmap software for this, but I have recently reverted back to a plain sheet of paper and lots of handwritten bubbles. It enables me to identify who I need to speak to in order to get certain information, or if there questions that are still unanswered.
This is such a useful exercise, as it gives me a visual construct of my plan…it’s not my usual linear lists, and is flexible so that if something new crops up during my writing, I can easily add to the outline….
The outline also helps me to really nail what the proposal is about – if you like, it’s that 60 second elevator pitch..so you see, it has many uses…and best of all, it can create many lists!

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