Networks – Joining New Ones

I have taken a decision this year to go to some new networks to meet new people and cast my business net wider still. I love meeting new people, and am always looking for contacts that I can share with my own clients, so that we support each other.

The value of networking is essential to business. My own contacts support me a great deal, this was especially evident at a networking event for students last year (where I had over 60 businesses in the room – which I put down to the relationships I have built).

There are many new networks starting up and it’s important to choose wisely. I also need to consider my own social media networks – regularly updating and posting information is a good way to increase my visibility and further raise my profile.

This will require effort on my behalf, some preparation and evaluation of whether I am a good fit for that network and what value we can both receive as a result of joining. Everyone’s time is important, so it’s essential to use it wisely. So 2016 will be my year of meeting new people and expanding my own network – let the meeting commence!

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