Getting all your ducks in a row.

In business, some tough situations can occur. Often related to payment; mainly “non” payment related.

What tends to happen is that we only look to our terms of business to see how they can help the situation (ie make the client pay) only to find out we don’t really have any, or it all happened so quickly that we didn’t use them, or didn’t feel we needed to etc.

Terms are essential. People are buying your service/product and you need to protect them and yourself. The basis upon which the “deal” is being done must be clear for all parties. Just in case.

Last year at a networking day, I sat in on a presentation about terms of business and learnt so much from an expert. This led to a refresh of my terms and a promise to myself that they would be always be sent. I have a standard set, with a clear schedule for any amendments/variations for each client. I confirm a lot by email which my terms make reference to. Now my deals are clear. And in black and white. With a signature. No confusion, no ‘grey areas’ just a professional and clear agreement between two parties.

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