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So, I have been thinking about Christmas.  I know – shush right?  “Too soon” I hear you cry! (56 sleeps!!) The reason for my Christmas thoughts is due to some lovely company baubles I saw […]

Enter the juggler

24th August 2017

So, midpoint through my first month totally self-employed and already I am juggling multiple balls and spinning dozens of plates like a veteran circus performer …is this how it will be? Research indicates that self-employment […]

Go ahead – jump!

3rd July 2017

July 2017 marks a milestone for me as I am stepping down as a part time lecturer at the University of Derby so that I can concentrate on Ask the Chameleon. This was always the plan, […]

Watching the news this morning (8 June 2017) there was a brief respite from the General Election to news about a new museum – of Failure. Immediately my ears pricked and I turned up the […]

It’s Ask the Chameleon’s 2nd year anniversary today…and I know this mainly because social media let me know! It’s been so busy, I’ve lost track of time, so I am grateful for the reminder. It’s […]

I have been thinking a lot about Courage.  And who comes to mind, but the Lion from the Wizard of Oz. He was my favourite character and I loved that he found a way to […]

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