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Hitting the right note

21st March 2018

Nothing makes my heart beat faster than a competition.  Maybe this is why I like bid writing so much..and when one of those bids wins, my day is made. To hear that another organisation or […]

    Valentine’s Day was spent with charities and businesses as part of BITC and University of Derby’s Love Your City event, and it was great to see so many people meeting each other for […]

So, I have been thinking about Christmas.  I know – shush right?  “Too soon” I hear you cry! (56 sleeps!!) The reason for my Christmas thoughts is due to some lovely company baubles I saw […]

Enter the juggler

24th August 2017

So, midpoint through my first month totally self-employed and already I am juggling multiple balls and spinning dozens of plates like a veteran circus performer …is this how it will be? Research indicates that self-employment […]

Go ahead – jump!

3rd July 2017

July 2017 marks a milestone for me as I am stepping down as a part time lecturer at the University of Derby so that I can concentrate on Ask the Chameleon. This was always the plan, […]

Watching the news this morning (8 June 2017) there was a brief respite from the General Election to news about a new museum – of Failure. Immediately my ears pricked and I turned up the […]

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