Making your offer stand on end.

1st December 2016

Do you know what you are good at? Can you make a list? Do you know what you enjoy? These are just some of the questions my fabulous coach asked me at the beginning of my business journey, and I think they hold true – we spend a lot of time at work…more than with family etc…and truly believe you should be happy there too.  

So how to take this forward, and ensure you stand out from the crowd?

Make your list of talents – and then ask yourself, if people would pay for that and if you did it all day long, would you enjoy it?  Who else does that – what is good/bad about them – what would make your offer different? Start building your brand and USP. What would be the benefit to your customer of buying you – concentrate on this throughout your branding work.

Concentrating on the customer benefits will keep your content focused and easy to understand. If these are questions too far, then at the end of each day write down what you enjoyed and what you didn’t…you can take it from there with a good coach.. I can certainly recommend mine!

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